Mary Halls


Mary was converted to Homeopathy in 1994
after personally experiencing its 
effective, healing qualities at a particularly
difficult life-changing time.

She went on to train at the Lakeland College
of Homeopathy in Ambleside, Cumbria. She graduated and registered as a Homeopath in July 2000 and began working at The Natural Therapy Centre. She does home visits in Wisbech and surrounding areas for those unable to come to the Therapy Centre.

As well as Homeopathy Mary uses Flower Essences as part of her Holistic approach to health. After covering Bach Flower Essences in her Homeopathy training, she has gone on to train with Ian White – Australian Bush Essences and with Steve Johnson – Alaskan Essences.

She finds that Homeopathy may help in any illness which is of a long-standing or acute nature or it may simply be used for promoting and keeping a feeling of well-ness and balanced health through-out the year. It is especially helpful in giving extra support at difficult times in life.

Mary’s aim is to positively treat dis-ease and promote good health and well-being naturally so that life, at any age, may be enjoyed and lived to the full.


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