Supervision is a space for you to bring your work, to look with fresh eyes, with compassion, inquiring, reflecting and developing your work and yourself. A space to step outside of ones usual frame of reference and assumptions, to enquire from a fresh perspective. Appreciative enquiry about how the work is enables us to keep the passion for our work alive.

The purposes of supervision are:

1) To underpin and promote reflective and informed practice.
2) As a result, to underpin and support best practice in a way that is
beneficial to both practitioners and clients.

“In all its forms the alchemy of supervision is a radical and potent source for learning – about our work.” Nicola Coombe

Joan Wilmot describes the supervision conversation as “its simplicity, complexity, depth and breadth. At one and the same time the conversations are personal, and universal, practical and visionary.”

“When we find the robust vulnerability to seek the help we need, it often arrives more easily than we thought. The external sounding board of effective supervision during transformation creates a space for magic to happen.” Richard Oliver

Sue Baxter

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