Stress Management

We all feel stressed and under pressure at times, hassles, deadlines, frustrations and demands all take their toll. Stress is not always bad, it is a necessary motivator at times, helping us to get the job done. However if you are constantly running on adrenaline in emergency mode, your body, mind and health ultimately pay the price.

Our nervous systems are made to tolerate short bursts of stress in difficult or life threatening situations. So we can fight for our lives or run away from the treat. Over long periods of stress our immune system becomes weaker and although we may feel that we are being as productive and good as usual our performance drops as this high level of activation cannot be sustained for extended periods.

Stress management helps you to work out what is causing you stress and how to handle or deal with it in a way that allows you to function and to be your best. Whilst also allowing for periods of calm and relaxation that enable the nervous system to reregulate to a healthy balance. Looking at ways you can help yourself to deal with the stresses of life and live a balanced and healthy life.

Sue Baxter

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