Reflexology and Foot Health Care

Reflexology, is a Complementary Therapy, meaning it enhances the benefits of other therapies or treatments, it does not replace these. It is safe for anyone already undergoing traditional treatments or other Complementary Therapies, such as Acupuncture, to also have Reflexology. You may be asked to inform your G.P. that you are having Reflexology for their reference.

Reflexology is a non-invasive deeply relaxing holistic treatment, during which, Belinda uses specialised massage techniques, with her fingers and thumbs over areas of the feet.  Certain areas, called Reflexes correspond to parts of the body. By massaging these reflexes, Belinda will attempt to correct imbalances throughout the body’s systems, thereby enabling it to begin to heal itself.

Reflexology therapy is very relaxing, helping to lower stress hormones, and some of the benefits of this is, better sleep, lowering of blood pressure and also it will enable any other therapy or main stream treatment to be more effective.

Your first appointment will last approximately 60 minutes and will include completing a brief health history and medication form, and a discussion about your reasons for therapy. If there is a specific reason for therapy, a course of therapies close together initially may be advised. Once there has been a shift in the condition, these therapies can then have longer intervals between them. Belinda will be happy discuss this at the initial appointment so that the treatment is of most benefit.

Some people prefer a well-being therapy and do not wish to divulge medical information if this is the case you will be asked to sign a disclaimer and an agreement for therapy without a history taking.

Following therapies last for 45 minutes, and this includes a foot relaxation, your individually tailored therapy, and a foot massage, with a short feed-back session at the end. Belinda may also give advice on hand reflexology to allow you to maintain the benefits of your treatment between therapies.

During your therapy, you remove only your socks and shoes, and you will lie in a reclining chair, or a couch. Some people like to listen to music and have the lights dimmed to totally immerse you into a relaxed state, this is optional.

Belinda also offers foot-care, nail trimming, filing and hard skin removal with moisturising, these appointments are usually 30 minutes. Dependent on your needs, nails can be trimmed before a Reflexology Therapy, but any other type of foot care would require a separate appointment. This can be discussed at your initial appointment.

To discuss your needs please leave your name and contact details on 07513 263 720, Belinda will ring you back.

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