Psychotherapy is a process of self discovery, of exploring where limiting behaviors, beliefs and emotional conflicts come from. Whilst enabling new ways of expressing who and how we are, more freely and less limited by these restrictions. Enabling the possibility of a more authentic and skilful response to everyday life. We can achieve greater confidence and freedom to choose how we wish to be by bringing an open awareness into the present moment.

The psychospiritual Psychotherapy offered by Sue works with the body, mind and spirit. Combining western psychotherapeutic approaches and eastern philosophies of mindfulness to create a way of working in the present. Bringing compassion and awareness to our suffering which can help to transform and release the holding patterns that we have been living with.

Sue works from the premise that, underneath our layers and patterning’s we are all essentially whole and healthy. This health can become obscured by events and traumas in our lives that have caused us to react with defensive patterns. These patterns can become habitual and continue long after the event or trauma has passed.  Limiting behaviours and beliefs can obscure our health and our ability to see the way forward, which can stop us from reaching our full potential.

We are all conditioned by past experiences, both good and bad. By exploring these patterns and conditionings in how they are expressed in our lives and the present moment, psychotherapy brings a deeper awareness and an opportunity to transform this life conditioning and become our true selves.

For many of us, making the first steps towards seeking professional help can be a hard thing to do. There are times when we all experience a need for support and help with difficulties. We feel the need for the kind of safe supportive relationship and space that psychotherapy can provide. Some issues can be easier to bring to therapy than to share with friends or family. Talking to someone who is not involved yet has your best interests at heart and is trained to listen came be deeply transformative.

Psychotherapy provides a confidential professional relationship which offers you a safe, warm and welcoming space to explore what is happening for you. It is an opportunity to explore your life, life experiences, relationships and reach a deeper understanding of yourself and what’s important for you and what you want from life.

This way of working is based on an understanding that we all have an inherent movement towards health at our core. This is always there underneath, but difficulties and traumas in our lives may have led us to develop defensive strategies as part of our personality. These strategies can become habitual and continue long after the original painful circumstances or traumas have passed. As a result we may now see the world and respond in ways that do not help us, and stop us from reaching our full potential. The intention of Core Process Psychotherapy is to help us make contact with this core health, so that we can respond more authentically and skillfully to whatever we meet in our lives.

Allowing our experience to be just as it is, even when it is difficult or painful, can support healing. We can learn to become more aware of our moment-to-moment experience by getting in touch, not only with our thoughts and feelings, but also with subtler feeling tones and how they are held in our bodies.

Coming for therapy, is it for you?

All kinds of people from all walks of life need help and support at some time in their lives. It may be for an immediately pressing situation or something that has been troubling for a while.

The reasons people come for therapy, are varied. However some of the main themes are:-

During periods of stress and overwhelm, when it can feel difficult to go on or at times of loss. During periods of change and transition, families growing and perhaps leaving home, facing mid life challenges, moving,  loosing or changing  job, home, partner, friends, ill health and bereavement. After a shock or a trauma that has been overwhelming. Unwanted issues or relationships. Habitual patterns that you want to change. Underlying feelings of concern, lack of self-esteem, inner emptiness, anxiety. Feeling flat or empty or perhaps deeper questions around who am I? What do I want from life?

Choosing  a therapist who you feel you can work with is important. Our first session will give you the opportunity to check out how it is to be with me and to ask any questions you may have about how I work.


Providing a safe space for you is an essential part of the work.

Confidentiality is part of this and will be discussed when we meet.

In line with my code of ethics, I have regular supervision; this is done with respect, in confidence and without disclosing identities.

Ethics and code of conduct

I am accredited with the UKCP and a member of the ACPP and the BACP.

I abide by the code of conduct and ethics of these organisations.

Sessions and fees

Sessions are for 1 hour, usually at the same time each week.  How long you need to come for will depend on your personal needs. Whilst some people may find that fewer sessions are enough to work on simpler issues and decisions, others may work for longer to gain understanding and insight of deeper issues and for further personal development.

Sue offers a limited number of reduced cost sessions for those in financial hardship.

Do I need Psychotherapy and Counselling?

Psychotherapy can be short medium or long term and it focuses on how you are in the world, how you became the way you are and how you can become more aware of what you do, how that affects you and those around you. Counselling is often only short term work and whilst it is similar to early or short term psychotherapy is does not usually offer the deeper and more long term work.

Counselling often focuses on simpler issues and decisions. Whilst Psychotherapy also works with the simpler issues and decisions it is also a way of working on deeper and more ingrained issues, of looking into who we are, why we continue to make the same mistakes. Of looking at the meaning in life, it can also be part of a spiritual journey.


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