Where you can learn to take responsibility for your own health through good nutrition.

  • Do you have a busy lifestyle? And is your health beginning to suffer?
  • Are you under pressure to constantly gain and achieve more?
  • Do you find yourself relying more and more on ‘convenience’ foods?
  • We all know that we need vitamins and minerals, but do you know just what you need, how much, and how best to get them?
  • Do you crave just that extra bit of energy?
  • Do you know what foods will give you the best chance of being as healthy as possible?

With so much contradictory advice and the over-abundance of pre-packaged, processed foods it’s no surprise if you’re confused and eating foods that are bad for your health.

Well, Nutritional Therapy can help you through the maze!

Your therapist can advise you what foods are best for you, and how to remove potentially harmful foods from your diet. You will be given a recommended programme to follow, where you are shown safe, nutritional alternatives to today’s ‘modern’ diet.

Nutritional Therapy is also essential for guiding you through recuperative and restorative nutrition to aid in recovering from or helping you through times that you might experience serious illness.

Liz Houghton

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