You may have heard the phrase, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul” – well, your irises are a living book about your body!

Irodologists can look at your irises and tell you what’s going on in your body, what’s happened to it in the past…..and what your body is likely to become.

Basically , your eyes tell me how you’re reacting to your physical environment, lifestyle and emotional issues. Your therapist will pass on to you what they can see, and then help you make informed decisions about how you can achieve optimum health, personal growth, fulfilment and freedom.

The iridology offered at The Natural Therapy Centre uses both Physical and Behavioural Iridology as well as incorporating Sclerology (the study of the sclera or whites of the eyes) when undertaking a consultation. The benefit of this is that a full picture of an individual is assessed, not just one part.

A consultation lasts for about an hour.

Iris analysis can be traced back to Hippocrates and the Ancient Egyptians. Present day iridology was re-discovered in the late 19th century and has since developed from its traditional disease orientation into a more holistic approch to each individual’s search for personal growth and well-being.

Iridology has distinct advantages as it is completely non-invasive. Analysis of the iris tells us how the body is responding to its environment and describes the genetic factors that generate these responses. It can also tell us how to take advantage of these factors to enhance our well-being and what to avoid in order to help prevent or eliminate the effects of ill health.

Liz Houghton

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