How often and how many times will I need to come for treatment?
The frequency and number of appointments will vary depending on which therapy you choose and on your personal circumstances as well as the issues you are seeking help with. It could be as little as one session, a series of 6, or more, whatever best suits your needs.  For some people taking care of their health using complementary and alternative therapies becomes there chosen method of helping themselves, so continue to use our support and services over many years. Some people want to explore deeper issues and themes in their lives and this can be for as short or as long as they wish to explore for.

How much does a consultation/treatment cost?
Every therapist charges differently please ask them for their prices. Many of our therapists hold limited concessional places for those in need.

What methods of payment do you take?
Cash or cheque is accepted by all our therapists. Chris Halls also takes credit cards.

Do you have disabled access?
There is one small step into the building and another small step once in the building.
We are always happy to help you in and we have a disabled ramp that we can put out on request, just give us a call.
Toilets are on the first floor.

Massage/Reflexology Contraindications
If you are in the first 3 months of pregnancy or have cancer you will need a Drs letter saying that you can receive Massage/Reflexology prior to treatment. There are other contraindications, or reasons that it might not be appropriate for you to receive treatment. If you are unsure if you have a condition that may prevent you receiving treatment please talk to us about this when you book. Your therapist will take a case history prior to treatment.

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